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Recently there have been some developments in the marketplace providing consumers with important new tools in finding affordable health care. Not the least of these is Health Savings Accounts which are discussed in several interviews in this section (see below). Please watch this section in the coming months for new options as they are added to our Free-Market Toolkit:

  • The need for portable health insurance sold on a national basis
  • Cash-for-service options such as Simple Care or Money for Medicine
  • Low-cost health clinics in large retail stores
  • Specialty hospitals
  • Expanded contributions to and use of Health Savings Accounts
  • Removing the high cost of liability coverage from the market
  • Deregulating government coverage mandates to create low-cost insurance options


Fifty Fallacies About Health Care
Common fallacies about American health care that are often used to confuse and obstruct a proper approach to medical care. Facts and reasoned arguments are provided as tools to help prevent these fallacies from damaging the system of medical care required in a free society. [ full article ]


Richard E. Ralston's FDA Testimony
AFCM's executive director testified at a public Food and Drug Administration hearing about regulating a certain drug. . . . [ full article ]


AFCM Interviews Take Care Health's Co-Founder and President Peter K. Miller
Peter K. Miller is one of the founders of Take Care Health Systems, one of the nation's top medical clinic businesses and a wholly owned subsidiary of America's largest drugstore company, Walgreens. . . . [ full interview ]


AFCM Interviews SimpleCare® Founder Vern Cherewatenko, MD
Vern S. Cherewatenko, MD, is founder of SimpleCare®, a fee-for-service program that has been featured on the cover of U.S. News & World Report, in Forbes, and on NBC News, and author of The Diabetes Cure (1999) and The Stress Cure (2003). . . . [ full interview ]


AFCM Interviews Smart Hospital Chairman Doug Smith
Responding to one of AFCM Executive Director Richard Ralston's published letters in the Wall Street Journal, businessman Doug Smith wrote to AFCM, expressing that his company, The Smart Hospital, embraces AFCM's free market philosophy in medicine. An interview was arranged to explore this new, small, doctor-based hospital enterprise. . . . [ full interview ]


AFCM Interviews American Chartered Bank President Dan Miller
In the growing money-for-medicine market, AFCM occasionally hears from those whose interest in realizing health care capitalism was fueled by the desire to pursue medicine as a profession. Chicago-area American Chartered Bank President Dan Miller is a case in point. . . . [ full interview ]


AFCM Interviews Town Center Bank President Bruce Bryant
An interview with Town Center Bank President Bruce Bryant about the bank’s Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) is a snap: he’s bright, cheerful—it is apparent he thoroughly enjoys his work—and he is all business. The native Oregonian has been a banker for 35 years, serving as president and chief executive officer for three different community banks in Oregon over the last 23 years. . . . [ full interview ]


AFCM Interviews First HSA President William West, M.D.
Among its competitors in the money for medicine movement, Pennsylvania-based First HSA is unique: the profitable business is run by what Ayn Rand called “the forgotten man of socialized medicine”: the doctor. . . . [ full interview ]


AFCM Interviews HSA Bank President Kirk Hoewisch
The year was 1901 and someone in Howards Grove, Wisconsin, observed that the first automobile to appear in town was driven by a man from nearby Sheboygan. A century later, the town is making its mark on another new vehicle—which has the potential to revolutionize how one pays for medical treatment. It is the Health Savings Account (HSA)—widely available to most Americans in the growing money-for-medicine movement—and this Midwestern town’s bank is playing a prominent, if unlikely, role in advancing the radically free market-oriented idea. . . . [ full interview ]




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