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..::: OCTOBER 14, 2003

Expand Free Choice of Doctors, Not Medicare

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA—With the nation at war, the economy struggling, and every realistic economic analyst forecasting financial trouble for the 38-year-old government program, Congress is poised to expand Medicare— the most ill conceived notions in American politics, according to an op-ed released by California-based Americans for Free Choice in Medicine (AFCM).

"Robbing from future generations of Americans to pay for the richest seniors in history is deeply immoral," AFCM argues, "but that has not moved Congress or the President to kill the Medicare drug subsidies bill. Maybe this will: the bill is likely to eliminate retired Americans' existing prescription drug benefits."

AFCM notes that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a heart surgeon who chose to practice politics over medicine, has asked the Medicare expansion bill's conference committee members to devise ways to force employers to offer drug coverage, which is tantamount to nationalization of employee benefits. AFCM points out that such a measure is consistent with national socialism, an economic system in which the state controls the corporation.

According to Associated Press, the committee recently issued a memorandum demanding that members act in total secrecy, which recalls Hillary Clinton's Health Care Task Force.

"This is a crucial moment for those who seek free choice in medicine and yearn for a real reckoning with the cause of America's higher health care costs: government intervention," AFCM observes. "America's patients, doctors, and drug companies are on the brink of losing the right to control their health care."

Americans for Free Choice in Medicine, (AFCM), founded in 1993, publishes a consumer's guide and tutorial to MSAs on its Web site and it is the nation's only educational organization based on individual rights, personal responsibility and free market ideas in medicine.

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