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..::: OCTOBER 28, 2003

AFCM's Plea to Seniors: Just Say No to Prescription Subsidies

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA—With Democrats and Republicans hammering out a compromise over prescription drug subsidies for seniors, Americans for Free Choice in Medicine is reminding people that the bill's catalyst was an Iowa widow during the 2000 presidential campaign.

"Winifred Skinner confronted Al Gore during a campaign stop and proclaimed that she spent most of her days collecting cans to cover both her living expenses and her prescription costs of $230 a month," AFCM recently explained in an op-ed. "But when reporters began asking questions about Mrs. Skinner, the widow¹s tale grew mighty tall."

"It turned out that Mrs. Skinner, who had been planning a trip to Florida, was shuttled to Boston in a Winnebago with her poodle, Bridget, which she affectionately dubbed "the only family I've got". Gore's campaign finally admitted that they had paid for her travel—and it was revealed that a she had a wealthy son, who lived on an 80-acre ranch and had pleaded with his mother to accept his support. But Mrs. Skinner had refused her son's generosity."

"With Republicans ready to stick Americans with a $ 400 billion subsidy, the claim that Medicare expansion will save seniors from rising prescription drug costs is, like the notion of Mrs. Skinner collecting cans to pay for prescriptions, false," AFCM says.

"For the sake of their chosen heirs, if not for themselves, America's grandparents ought to just say no to drug subsidies for seniors," AFCM wrote. "Adding prescription drug coverage to Medicare is the largest government intervention in the economy in nearly 40 years—and a leap toward socialized medicine."

Americans for Free Choice in Medicine, (AFCM), founded in 1993, publishes a consumer's guide and tutorial to MSAs on its Web site and it is the nation's only educational organization based on individual rights, personal responsibility and free market ideas in medicine.

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