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Report from the Future: Health Care in the Year 2024
By Richard E. Ralston
October 19, 2004
The Presidential Election in 2024 might hinge on the present health care crisis, but none of the candidates have been able to propose any solutions. . . . [ full article ]


Republican Health Care Contradictions
By Richard E. Ralston
August 25, 2004
At their National Convention, Republicans will complain of John Kerry’s habit of complicating complex issues with even more complex and mutually exclusive solutions. On the issue of health care, however, the Democratic Platform has clear and straight-forward proposals—everyone has a “right” to healthcare, no matter what it costs—and the government should expropriate needed funds plus the lives of health care professionals to provide and regulate health care for all. Americans who want to turn ownership of their bodies over to the federal government and trust Uncle Sam to meet all of their needs at least have something to go on here. . . . [ full article ]


Democratic Health Care Fantasies
By Richard E. Ralston
July 27, 2004
Americans who care about their health care need to pay close attention in an election year to politicians of all parties who seem bent on becoming much more involved in the details of what health care will be allowed and at what cost. . . . [ full article ]


Health Care Independence on the Fourth of July
By Richard E. Ralston
June 28, 2004
Two hundred years ago Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to explore the vast spaces of North America from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. Jefferson understood the enormous challenges for the growth of knowledge and liberty on a continental scale. These were the first steps in the most spectacular expansion of individual freedom and human achievement in history. . . . [ full article ]


Health Care at Tax Time: Two Reasons to Feel Really Bad
By Richard E. Ralston
April 13, 2004
As you raise a pen to sign your tax return this year, you will undoubtedly regret that the United States Treasury is taking so much of your income. You should also ask why so much of the income you have left is spent on health care and health insurance. The two questions are related. . . . [ full article ]


The Government vs. Your Doctor: A True Story
By Cristina Rizza, MD
March 22, 2004
Like many doctors in today’s medical profession, I am the victim of a violation of individual rights. While I continue to practice medicine, many others do not. Personally, I can testify: the assault on doctors is real, it matters, and it is getting much worse. . . . [ full article ]


Get Ready for the Vitamin Police
By Richard E. Ralston
March 10, 2004
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now seeking to expand its considerable powers into the regulation of vitamins and nutritional supplements.

The FDA has evidently discovered that Americans, after centuries of experience doing so, cannot now be counted on to take vitamins or dietary supplements without poisoning or killing themselves. The FDA is concerned that we have not been getting their approval first. . . . [ full article ]


Health Care in John Kerry's World
By Richard E. Ralston
March 2, 2004
Americans of all political parties need to give close attention to health care issues in this election year. Regardless of how they intend to vote, they need to understand that health care is the primary cause of increased government spending. It confronts Americans with the greatest threat of increased government intrusion into their daily lives. Health care and politics are a toxic combination for a life and death issue. . . . [ full article ]




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