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Health Care in California

The nation's Golden State, California, is at the forefront of the battle for individual rights in medicine. From the historic defeat in 1996 of the so-called single-payer ballot initiative, Proposition 186, overwhelmingly rejected by 75 percent of California voters, to plans for socialized medicine proposed by California's elected officials Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi, California health care ideas lead the United States of America in shaping future policy.

Americans for Free Choice in Medicine (AFCM), founded in Newport Beach, California, in 1993, is the state's only organization opposed to government intervention in the medical profession on moral grounds. AFCM's commentary and letters to the editor have been published in most major California newspapers, including the San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, and the Orange County Register.

Sponsoring rallies, lectures and forums across the state, including Leonard Peikoff's powerful 1993 lecture, "Health Care Is Not a Right," in Costa Mesa, California, and publishing commentary on a range of issues, AFCM is dedicated to an unequivocal moral defense of capitalism and individual rights in America's great state of California.

AFCM's educational programs have been experienced by guests and students at:

California Medical Association
California Podiatric Medical Association
American College of Surgeons, Northern California
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Inter-Community Hospital
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, San Diego
Cal State Long Beach
Cal State Fullertion
East Los Angeles College
Antioch University
Glendale Community College
Objectivist Conferences (OCON)
Orange County Business Council
The Lincoln Club, Orange County

AFCM has also addressed audiences at dozens of community service organizations, churches and in public venues. To schedule one of AFCM's speakers, contact us.


AFCM Commentary on Health Care in California

One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back:  How California Will Make Health Care Much More Expensive
By Richard E. Ralston
January 15, 2007
California is a huge state with a huge population, a huge economy and a huge, rapidly growing government. Any attempt by that government to address health care issues draws the aggressive lobbying attention of a huge number of corporate, union, religious and political advocates. While there is some hope for creating conditions that would lead to affordable health insurance, Governor Schwarzenegger would provide a strong push in the wrong direction. . . . [ full article ]


California Health Care:  What's Next?
By Richard E. Ralston
November 20, 2006
It is unlikely that any significant improvements in health care policy will come out of the U.S. Congress in the next two years. However, major changes might develop at the state level—especially in California—for two reasons. . . . [ full article ]


California's Danger to Health
By Richard E. Ralston
February 1, 2006
The California Department of Insurance issued a press release and a new report on January 31 calling attention to an imminent danger to our health. Is it the threat of a bird flu pandemic that has drawn the attention of Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi? Or HIV and AIDS? . . . [ full article ]


California's Socialized Medicine Rising
By Scott Holleran
August 17, 2005
This month, in a 73-page position paper, California’s insurance commissioner, John Garamendi, proposed a government takeover of medicine. That the bureaucrat who would be governor prescribed more government intervention is not surprising. But, because the culture is steeped in the wrong morality of health care and most people do not grasp that government intervention is the cause of the crisis in health insurance, they are liable to fall for it and it is likely to spread across state lines. . . . [ full article ]


Shoving Government Health Care Down Your Throat
By Richard E. Ralston
August 9, 2005
One of the few bright spots in paying for health care today has been the introduction of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), in conjunction with low-premium, high-deductible insurance policies. In what is perhaps the most popular medical insurance reform in history, more than a million consumers in California and elsewhere have already established these plans that provide tax incentives, reduce cost and increase personal choice. . . . [ full article ]


The Government vs. Your Doctor: A True Story
By Cristina Rizza, MD
March 22, 2004
Like many doctors in today’s medical profession, I am the victim of a violation of individual rights. While I continue to practice medicine, many others do not. Personally, I can testify: the assault on doctors is real, it matters, and it is getting much worse. . . . [ full article ]


Crossing the Line Over Health Care As a Right
By Scott Holleran
October 16, 2003
Southern California's largest grocery strike in 25 years offers a clear example of opposing ideas in action; the labor dispute is a fundamental conflict over whether health insurance should be financed by those who want insurance—or by those who hire those who want insurance. It's plainly a strike for health care as a right. . . . [ full article ]




AFCM is funded by private donations, which are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Join AFCM and be a part of the crusade for individual rights.


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