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The following articles provide educational information on a variety of health care policy issues.


American Health Care:  Essential Principles and Common Fallacies
By Richard E. Ralston
This essay provides a brief guide to the essential political, economic and moral principles on which all health policy must be based. There is a special emphasis on the role of unique American values in maintaining these principles.
Also included are many common fallacies about American health care that are often used to confuse and obstruct a proper approach to medical care. Facts and reasoned arguments are provided as tools to help prevent these fallacies from damaging the system of medical care required in a free society. [ full article ]


The Proper Principles of Health Care Reform
By Arthur Astorino, Jr., MD
Peter LePort, MD
Cristina Rizza, MD
"AFCM recognizes that the fundamental problem of American health care today is government intervention. The government injects its power to force people to do things that they would not choose to do on their own, to influence transactions among patient, doctors, hospitals and insurance companies. The main ways government does this are through: 1) tax laws that discriminate against individuals; 2) government medical care programs substituting for private charity; and 3) restrictive licensing and regulations. AFCM proposes the following solutions: . . ." [ full article ]


Health Care Is Not a Right
By Leonard Peikoff, Ph.D.
"[N]ewfangled rights wipe out real rights—and turn the people who actually create the goods and services involved into servants of the state. The Russians tried this exact system for many decades. Unfortunately, we have not learned from their experience. Yet the meaning of socialism is clearly evident in any field at all—you don't need to think of health care as a special case; it is just as apparent if the government were to proclaim a universal right to food, or to a vacation, or to a haircut. I mean: a right in the new sense: not that you are free to earn these things by your own effort and trade, but that you have a moral claim to be given these things free of charge, with no action on your part, simply as handouts from a benevolent government. . . ." [ full article ] [ watch video ]




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